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110 Inspirational Quotes

These inspirational quotes and famous words of wisdom will make you feel ready to take on anything. Get inspired to live a positive and successful life today!   Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. F. Scott Fitzgerald If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have …

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80 Great Islamic Quotes

No matter how hurt you are, You will always find comfort with ALLAH Trust Allah when things don’t work out the way you wanted. Allah has something better planned for you. Bad things in life open your eyes to those things your weren’t paying much attention to before. That’s a …

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70 Best Parenting Quotes for parents

There is nothing that moves a loving father’s soul quite like his child’s cry. Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you. Our children are watching us live and what we are shouts louder than anything we can say. Parenthood…It’s about guiding the …

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Human Right Quotes

A voteless people is a hopeless people. As a bird has the right to sing, so shall every human being have the right to think and express thoughts. It’s terrifying to think you could become the next statistic. No ideology is worth a Human life. People will never get in …

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Bill Gates Quotes about money

We’ve got to put a lot of money into changing behavior. Money has no utility to me beyond a certain point. Americans want students to get the best education possible. We want schools to prepare children to become good citizens and members of a prosperous American economy. Don’t compare yourself …

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Invest In Yourself Quotes

Invest in yourself, you can afford it, trust me. – Rashon Carraway Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. – Jim Rohn Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make. – Donald Trump If you want your children to turn out well, …

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The Best Henry Ford Quotes

You can’t learn in school what the world is going to do next year. Some men may succeed because they are destined to, but most men succeed because they are determined to. There is no failure except failure to serve one’s purpose. Those who stop marketing to save money are …

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The 40 Best Nursing Quotes

The trained nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the physician and the priest. – William Osler It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. Bound by paperwork, short on hands, sleep, and energy… nurses are rarely short on …

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